About Me


Welcome to Simply Shop and Save!

Today is my first post and this is sooo exciting to help  fellow Canadian shoppers!

To begin let me introduce myself  (Mrs. Shopper)  as part of the team.

I am a mom and a wife to a great guy (Mr. Shopper) who use to put up with my shopping adventures, but now heartily approves of the method and savings for the family and my home child care business.

Shopping smartly has been a learning process. For many years coupons were rarely used at retail stores as they were for 5 and 10 cents.  In the summer of 2008, the new world of coupons were introduced to me and has expanded to the point where at least $80 a month is saved by clipping and using printable/manufacturer coupons. Finding discounted merchandise matched up with a coupon can reap great savings!  I just love getting the best value for a product and I just love shopping!

It’s exciting to reveal to people simple methods of savings. I want to help you find ways to cut costs in this challenging economy. You will be able to view deals, coupons, free samples, shopping tips, etc. on this website.

Moreover, it’s enjoyable to research, review, and recommend quality products. There are so many Canadian owned companies that take great pride in their products which we will discover together and that will hopefully better your life in some way.

Now what about you?  How do you save your money?  Please leave a comment to help others.