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Save with Daily Deal Websites by Getting Hot Deals!

In the current economy, a huge majority of people is searching for discounts on almost anything they want to buy. Everyone knows that purchasing in bulk may save you lots of money over some time. But the problem in this case is that we don’t actually need bulk amounts of some particular item as well as the cash investment required could be quite steep! The solution? There’s the latest trend, as well as an abundance of sites online that are actually dedicated to discounts, coupons, and the “daily deals”, which have probably become almost an addiction for people who actually like savings.

The daily deal sites partner together with the local merchants of a city and provide hot deals and discounts on their websites. The daily deals get sent every day via email or text message to the registered users. This strategy of these types of websites is to actually make you get along with complete strangers in order to get steep discounts on those products or services that you want to buy. Few of these websites offer items at a specific discounted price and ask you to commit for purchasing it. In case sufficient number of people sign up, the deal is confirmed, and you have gotten yourself an incredible deal. Some other websites are actually more concerned with the attention and focus on single or many daily deals. Quite a lot of these sites even provide referral bonuses, so get your family and friends along and save even more!

You probably only know about Groupon and LivingSocial, although, there exist literally thousands of such daily deal websites for offering a related service in a large range of demographic or specific niche markets, like Woot, FoodSherpa, Wowcher and Wahanda, where the discount offers range from households products and dining out to tech products and gadgets.

The daily deals websites can help you save plenty of money, and it’s like Christmas almost everyday online!

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Fashion and Shopping

If you are planning on shopping for a new wardrobe of clothes then you may think that you need to get the most fashionable items. However, you may need to consider that clothes go out of fashion remarkably quickly so you won’t want to spend lots of money on items that you won’t be wearing next season.

There are two sensible choices of things to do. Firstly you could buy superior quality expensive items that aren’t overly fashionable. You could buy classic items that will look fashionable by adding accessories or wearing a fashionable top of a pair of trousers with. For example, a pair of jeans will always be fashionable, and you can wear them with some trendy summer shoes and a vest one season and boots and a jumper the other.

The other option is to go to cheap clothes shops to buy fashionable items, as when the fashion is over you can buy another set of clothes without having to part with too much money. The clothes won’t be as high quality, but as long as you select your items with care you can still have an extensive wardrobe.

Expensive items like coats are probably better to be bought as a classic item that can be worn for a few years; however, you know yourself whether you would be happy wearing the same coat two years in a row. If you know you won’t be then don’t invest too highly.

Keep in mind that you may not find fashionable clothes intensely practical in your workplace, and shopping for some sensible dark trousers and a selection of tops to match with a jacket will make finding something to wear for work much easier. You can wear brightly coloured jewellery to brighten it up, and heels to make the outfit sexier.

Also, I got a great deal on Toronto product deal (http://dealfrenzy.ca/toronto/deal/50-for-a-ticket-to-see-war-horse-at-the-princess-of-wales-theatre-10-show-times-available-taxes-included-up-to-13750-value) featured by dealfrenzy.ca.

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Roots Winter Sale Up to 50% off

On Boxing Day, we visited The Roots store in Banff.  I was looking for some blue sweatpants but they were out of the medium size.   A  little disappointed.

However, today I got an email in my inbox about Roots so I thought I would pass the info onto you.  Roots is having a Winter sale of up to 50% off on select merchandise.  You can shop for mens and ladies clothing, boots, shoes, and accessories.  Prices may vary in-store.  This offer cannot be combined with other offers or promotions unless specified.  Unfortunately, this sale is offered on a time limited basis, but there is free standard shipping on orders $100 +

To check for the Roots Winter Sale, click here.

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Curly Snacks Product Review and Giveaway

Something Big is happening in Canada!  A hot new product is just appearing in Canada and it’s a delicious line of snack products by Lorenz popular in Germanyand Europe and distributed in Canada by JJ SageThese tasty unique snack products go by the name of Curly, CurlyMexican,  Nic Nac’s, and Wasabi.

CURLY line of snacks use selected peanuts of best quality and ground fresh to make a natural peanut taste!  Curly contain finely selected seasonings and baked in the Lorenz brand of sunflower oil. CURLY CLASSIC are cunchy roasted corn snacks.  They melt in your mouth and have a distinct peanut flavour.  For those of you who enjoy something more on the spicy side try CURLY MEXICAN with chili seasoning.

NIC NAC’S are the perfect combination of double crunchy nibble-fun and traditional peanut taste.NIC NAC’S have a delicious paprika flavour and an exciting double crunch!  (125 g )  Feel like a very spicy hot snack with an extra kick?  Discover WASABI crispy crunchy spicy green savoury coated peanuts for nut lovers who like it hot!  WASABI is the Asian horse-radish. The flavor known through Asian cuisine is now available in a tasty snack!

My Thoughts

When the package came into my home from JJSage, I was very excited to try out these unique new products.  When you bite into a Curly Classic there is a peanut buttery taste.  I think this snack would be  great for kids who are not allergic to peanut butter.  Of the two Curly products, I prefer theCurly Mexican style because it had a little more of a zing and had a chili flavour.  It was not overly hot so I could take many pieces without feeling thirsty.

I also like Nic Nack’s because they are crunchy and have a  spicy flavour.  When I tasted my first nibble of Wasabi I did not like it because it has a unusal  taste.  After a few more pieces I changed my opinion and I really love the unique tantalizing  taste of Asian horseradish!  I would highly recommend that you do not let small children try the Wasabi because of the small round size.

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Just Paper Roses – Valentine Guide Review and Giveaway

New Year’s day has come and gone and the next big day is Valentines.  Valentine’s Day is a fun holiday for children but finding a gift for the husband can be a challenge!  Simplicity, affability, and something sweet appeals to me.
When I had the opportunity to do a review for Just Paper Roses I found the answer for a unique and fun gift that could be the answer for you too!  Just Paper Roses.com is a business that has gifts for all occasions like Valentines, Mother’s Day, birthdays, and anniversaries.

When I received Just Paper Roses’ package, the soft toilet paper has the message “I Love You From Top to Bottom” printed all over it.  I have never seen anything sooo unique!  Just imagine the love felt when that someone special sees your gift placed on the toilet paper holder!  The toilet paper is wrapped sweetly in green tissue paper with a small tag that reads, “Happy Valentines Day.”  Jeff Block, who is the creator and owner of Just Paper Roses.com, has informed me that the quantity of the Valentines tp is limited so you should order yours today!  The company produces tp for other occasions too.  How sweet is that!

Just Paper Roses has other Valentine gift suggestions like the Valentine Just Paper Roses, Bloodwood Rose, or the elegant “Kiss” wood figurine.  I especially adore the Valentine Teddy Bear and for that special guy or son in your life might like the Home Run Baseball.

In case you are looking for a unique anniversary gift Just Paper Roses carries a collection of Just Desk Roses.  The roses are made from the traditional material for each anniversary year from years 1-13.  Each rose is handmade and mounted on a wood base with a plaque that reads, “Happy Anniversary.” Click here to find the beautiful selection of  Just Paper Roses.

Just Paper Roses is a company that features creative and unique gifts that can meet your shopping needs.  A gift that will be remembered.

To find out more about Just Paper Roses, find it here (website) or on Facebook here.


I have good news for you!  If you sign up for their reminder service, you can get $5 off any order over $20 so that is a savings for Simply Shop and Save readers!  You will find this discount here.

Shop here  to find the cool toilet paper, Valentine products, or the Just Desk Roses.


Jeff  has generously offered Simply Shop And Save  readers the chance to win a $50 gift certificate for purchases at Just Paper Roses.   Exciting and just in time for Valentines!

Mandatory Entry: You will need to do this before you can make extra entries.  Just simply look around Just Paper Roses and let me know which two products you really love. (2 entries)

Extra Entries: Please leave a separate comment for each entry:
-follow my blog on GFC located on the right hand side bar (one entry)

-follow me on twitter  and please leave your username (two entries)

-tweet this giveaway and leave a status link.  You can tweet this  #GIVEAWAY Simplyshopandsave.ca is giving a $50 gift certificate from Just Paper Roses. Visit http://bit.ly/fWh0RE @simplyshopsave

-”Like” Simplyshopandsave.ca  on Facebook located on the right hand side bar  (2 entries)

-”Like” JustPaperRoses on Facebook and let them know that Simply Shop and Save.ca sent you for the giveaway contest (2 entries)

-subscribe to my daily email or RSS for up-to-date posts located on the  right hand side bar (1 entry)

-follow me on Networked Blogs located on the right hand side bar 1 entry

-put my button on your blog and leave a link (2 entries)

This contest is open to Canadian residents and ends January 18, 2010 at 9 p.m.  The winner will be chosen by Random.org.  If  the winner does not reply back to my email within 48 hours, then another name will be drawn.

Thanks to Just Paper Roses for sponsoring this giveaway and to all who enter this product/review giveaway.  I was given this opportunity to do this review through The Product Review Place.

Disclosure:  I was given a product to review to form my own opinions.  I was not compensated for this review.

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Book Review & Giveaway- GET ENERGY! By Denise Austin

With busy schedules, demanding careers, and little time, many of us battle just to stay awake. But energy is something that is in our control, even when time is short.  Now 50 years young, fitness guru Denise Austin shows readers how to super-charge their lives, using her innovative lifestyle plan. She eats the right foods at the right time of day. She uses the power of stretching and breathing to feed her body with energy-enhancing oxygen. She uses mini-workouts to get energy even on her busiest days–and now you can too!

Denise shows how simple changes can add up to increased energy levels throughout the day. From the foods they consume to the way they sit in their chairs, readers won’t believe how Denise’s quick and easy plan will dramatically increase their energy levels. In as little as a week, results will be felt: radiant skin, more restful sleep, and a sharper mind…so follow Denise Austin and prepare for a fitness wake-up call!

Get Energy! offers:

  • An in-depth quiz and a “Personal Energy Plan Worksheet” to determine your energy-zappers
  • A guide on what foods to eat — and at what time of day to eat them to maximize energy
  • Five-minute stretching and breathing routines for a quick energy-boost
  • Mini-workouts you can squeeze in on your busiest days
  • Easy lifestyle changes for more radiant skin, restful sleep and a sharper mind
  • Energy makeovers of busy women just like you


When I came across Get Energy!  Empower Your Body, Love Your Life, I was attracted to this title because one of my goals  for the New Year is getting back into exercising at least 5 times per week.  Well, Get Energy is a book that handles this issue.  Denise gives very good practical ideas that can help you out and provide the extra energy that is needed to function from day to day.  Sometimes, I do feel fatigued, so “Get Energy” provides the causes and symptoms and solutions that affects my daily living.

Another useful feature about “Get Energy”  is that Denise provides photos with various exercises.  This will help me out in doing my daily exercises because the pictures simplifies the exerise.  The exercises are simple and short which helps especially when time is limited.

Get Energy also gives the reader quite alot of information about food guidelines.  She suggests many food selections that are best for your mind and body.  If you want more information about the best foods for you, I suggest reading Get Energy!  For myself, I need to select more brown rice in my diet and drink water more water throughout the day.

I recommend the book, “Get Energy!  Empower Your Body, Love Your Life” as a great resource and a tool to make those new changes in your life for the New Year!  The book is quite easy to read and Denise expresses her points well!  This book is definetely a book to have on your shelf!  Now it’s up to us to use the information to make us more rounded and healthy individuals with lots of energy.

About Denise:  She has been a health and fitness advocate for over 25 years and is a two-term member of the President’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports.  She has created 82 workout videos/DVDs and is a regular columnist for Women’s Day magazine.  She lives with her husband and two daughters near Washington, DC.

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No Tax Event on August 27 & 28, 2010

This is one of my highlights as a coupon user when it comes to using coupons.  Let me explain.

When I get a free product coupon, I set it aside in a special envelope near my work station.  As each FPC comes my way, I continue to save them until the no tax event happens which is today (August 26) and tomorrow at the Atlantic and Ontario Real Canadian SuperStores and Zehrs locations in Ontario.  When I go shopping, I look for these particular products along with my regular grocery items, and pass the coupons with the selected products to the cashier.   That means NO TAX for the FPC’s, which normally you would have to pay.  Get the drift? This time it will be a free bag of Melitta World Harvest Fair Trade Coffee, a free Pillsburry product, one free package of Kotex Pads (24 count or less) and a Chapman Icecream product!   Not paying tax is a double savings!

Do you wonder how to get these free product coupons?  One way is to take advantage of the freebies I have already posted this week. That is one way I receive these wonderful free products.

Are there other locations having this no tax event this weekend?  Are you planning to use any fpc’s or regular manufacturer’s coupons for this event?

Also found this great website dealfrenzy.ca with tons of great Toronto deals.

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A + D Diaper Rash Products – Review & Giveaway

Do you know what’s in the products you purchase at retail stores? During shopping, I try to read the ingredients because some of my daycare children and my husband have some food allergies.  Mom Central, a Canadian testing panel, kindly sent me a few samples of diaper rash products.  In my opinion, looking at A + D diaper rash products  they score high in regards to ingredients!  Ingredients listed are zinc, aloe vera, vitamins A and D, lanolin which are more natural items and is also void of paraben (a very controversial ingredient.)  Quite impressive!

They come in two types.  The first is a rash cream consisting of a white thick cream and spreads nicely, therefore,  you would not need much to apply.  The fragrance reminds Mr. Shopper of baby powder.  What a pleasant smell!  This cream relieves minor skin irritations and leaves a baby’s skin soft.

The second product is  A + D  Diaper rash ointment which prevents diaper rash by creating a protective barrier.  It’s a clear gel and spreads well so again only a small amount is needed.

It”s been some years since our sons wore diapers but I wish these two products were on the market when they had diaper rash issues.  I heartily recommend A + D Diaper Rash products as a must for parents!

For more info check out their website at www.aplusd.ca and you will be able to get a free $2 off coupon.

One lucky Simply Shop and Save reader will win a 113 g tube of A + D Diaper Rash Ointment with two $2 off coupons and I am throwing in 2 cute pairs of 100% cotton scratch mittens for newborns along with a white 100% cotton hat. A winner is picked by a random number generated by random.org

This contest is for Canadian residents only and closes Thursday, September 9, 2010 at 12 p.m. EST.  You can enter this A + D giveaway but you can only win once.  The winner will have 72 hours (3 days) to contact me otherwise after that time another name will be contacted.

To enter:

Visit the A + D website as mentioned above and return here to leave a comment at the end of this post  letting us know what impresses you the most about these diaper rash products.  You need to make a comment before extra entries can be made with your email address please so that if you win, contact can be made.

Extra Entries:
l.  Become a follower of Simple Shop and Save which is found on the right hand side.

2.  Subscribe to the RSS Feed located on the right side.

3.  If you are a blogger, post this giveaway on your blog and leave the link in the comment section.

Disclaimer:  I received two samples of A + D Diaper Rash products for review and no payment was received.  The opinion that I made was my own and not influenced by A + D .

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Instore Coupons

Using local coupons is a lot of fun and really adds up in savings!  In Simply Shop and Save, you will find lots of ideas, tips, sites, etc. regarding deals in Toronto.

One place to get free coupons can be found inside retail stores  on shelves.   Many more can be found at the Real Canadian Superstore in particular and usually located  near the inside entrance on a large bulletin board or as some call it a “coupon wall.”  If you look at these special coupons they are labelled on the top left hand side as “coupon zone.”  What’s so special about these coupon zones coupons is that you will be able to use a manufacturer’s coupon with their instore coupon.

These coupon zone coupons can be used at Atlantic Superstore and SuperValu, Extra Foods, Fortinos, Loblaws, Maxi, No Frills, RCSS, Real Canadian Wholesale Club, Valu-Mart, Your Independent Grocer, Zehrs and Provigo.

Let me show you an example.  This week at the Real Canadian SuperStore they have Lysol Toilet Bowl Cleaner for $2. each. If you bought 2 bottles with an in store coupon for savings of $1 each, used in conjunction with the manufacturer’s coupon where you can save $1 when you buy two; the toilet bowl cleaner then costs  $0.50 each + the tax on the $2.00…

Have you seen these coupons in your local store?  Have you found them useful? Hope this stimulates your ideas.

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