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This Decade’s ‘In’ Colours

Every decade is influenced by its own palette of colours, there are a few shades that grab attention at a given moment more than others. Some are seasonal, whilst others are year-round, but all of them prevailed in this years’ ‘colour sphere’. They thrilled our creative glands and sparked our
inspirational fuses, shaking our eyes, hearts and minds; a visual bon appétit.

Named as Pantone’s colour of 2012, tangerine was a raging feature in the fashion world with its breezy summer dresses, thick wedge heels and oversized leather clutches. Not just a tangy citrus treat, this striking hue is fresh, young and invigorating. Tangerine dominated the sandy beaches this summer, featuring in bikinis, sunglasses and nail polish. As an excellent complement to gold, gemstone statement necklaces also adopted the tangerine craze which helped give a crisp shimmer to any outfit.

If you’re looking for the same freshness but with more soothe than tang, mint may be your colour. Soft, light, airy and cool, mint is a great colour for keeping outfits sharp and simple. The low key nature of this shade also meant it was a hit for brush wielding interior decorators. It’s a brilliant alternative to a dreary cream or white, yet doesn’t manage to drastically overpower the ambience of a room. The soft complexion of mint hued walls, rugs and bedspreads evokes a heavenly yet sophisticated mildness.

On the opposite spectrum, sandy brown’s versatility meant it was a huge hit this year. Blazoned onto tweed jackets, leather dress shoes and corduroy skinny jeans, sandy brown served as the perfect base colour for autumnal attire. Duvets and rugs also took advantage of the shades’ underlying luminance, emitting a vibrating glow of warmth and pleasure.

Taking more inspiration from restaurant delights, mustard yellow was a welcome guest to the chromatic palette of 2012. The shade was huge in the 1960’s when colour television and saucy hot dogs made mustard yellow distinct and electric. In its revival, it has woven itself into heavy knits and cashmere jumpers of our winter wardrobes. Sophisticated, elegant, and just that little bit different, mustard yellow is the perfect midpoint between sunny lemon yellow and rustic golden brown.

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Your Guide To The Spring And Summer Trends

You have probably invested a lot with the clothes and accessories that you bought in 2012. Sure they made you look really fabulous last year but it doesn’t take a genius that most of them will be going inside your closets. These items will probably stay inside the closets until the next time these are back in the trends again.

And so 2013 has just begun, the question is, are your closets ready for this year? Do you have the items that will be big in the different seasons of 2013? Well we are here to guide you and give you an idea about the latest spring and summer trends for this year.

Here are the things that will be big in the coming season.

Transparent. From clothes to bags, accessories, and shoes; the new year will be filled with items that shows a little bit of you or what you have. So go and choose the transparent items that show the best of you. The bright and sunny season is perfect for flaunting your lovely curves. Give the world a glimpse of what you are made of by grabbing and wearing see-through stuff.

Oriental. Turning Japanese? Loving China? This season then is perfect for you! Tops, pants, and dresses with nice and exquisite oriental themes or prints are going to be big in the summer. These refreshing clothes are perfect for the refreshed surroundings come spring and summer times.

Graphic. With the coming bright and shiny days, plain clothes can be too boring. To keep ogling eyes busy, graphics prints are perfect for the spring and summer of 2013. Dresses, tops, pants, ensembles, even bags, shoes, and other accessories with graphic prints on them will be one of the hottest fashion trends for the season.

Iridescent. Who said the sun should shine alone this coming spring and summer? Why not shine with it? Get your hands on iridescent clothes, accessories, and shoes that make you shine with the sunny season. Get noticed this season and shine better with these iridescent clothes and accessories.

Textured. The sunny and bright weather of the spring and summer are sure to highlight your outfits. That is why textured tops, pants, dresses and ensembles would definitely enhance your looks. Just make sure that you choose the right print patterns and you’re sure to draw attention from on-lookers. Textured clothes and accessories are just another perfect addition for your collection this year.

Hawaiian. And of course, who can forget about the Hawaiian-inspired dresses, tops, and pants? When one talks about the summer or beaches, the islands of Hawaii are the some of the first things that comes to mind. Since spring and summer are the perfect seasons for going to the beach to cool down, wearing Hawaiian-inspired stuff are also best during these times.

Summer is that time of the year where people are out on the streets, enjoying the warmth of the sun. That is why you should invest a lot in packing your closets with the best outfits and accessories this season. So go and shine with the sun today!


Guest post written by Clarissa , a contributing writer for many online websites and blogs featuring today’s latest fashion style . 


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