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After Prom Fun

Prom is the ultimate teenager’s dream to looking classy while having fun. It’s an amazing way to end the four year journey of bad-breathed teachers, wild gossip, favored friendships, and self-discovery. Partying the night away with the people who made high school so memorable finishes this time period of your life in such a treasured way. But why does the night have to end there? This is the first night of the rest of your life; end it with a bang. Discover some fun filled ideas to make this night twice as special. 

Cruise the City Celebrity Style

Making a grand entrance to the prom can come in the beautiful package of a limo. This extra-long transportation vehicle of comfort is an ultra-classy way to arrive to prom. However, prom goers should reap the benefits of a limo for more than just getting there. Cruise the city in this ride of luxury. Limos come in all sorts of sizes like the party bus, the stretch SUV and the traditional stretch limo. Small or large groups can set up their own ways to pay whether by whole price or by package deal depending on the limo company. Enjoy the perks of a great sun roof, lavish seating, an awesome sound system and a regal opportunity to cruise the city in style. 

Midnight Breakfast

Dancing the night away can create a hefty appetite. Most restaurants are closed after a particular hour. However, twenty-four hour diners were specifically designed for the awake and hungry. These wonderful little eating spots have an array of meals varying from a delectable stack of buttermilk pancakes to a thick steak dinner paired with mashed potatoes. When your stomach starts to grumble, bring your party to these fantastic spots. 

Teen Night Clubs

If you are the age of 17 or 18, it’s very likely you’ve never stepped one foot into a night club. Prom night is a great time to revel in the goodies of a teen club. Certain cities have night clubs catered to all ages – including teenagers. If the dancing bug hasn’t entirely left your system, take your party to the hottest teen night spot on the scene. Your crews’ dazzling prom dresses and tuxedoes are sure to have you marked as some of the best dressed teens there. 

Beach Party

Bring your group to the land of sand if there are any beaches in town. Make sure to go home or carry a set of warm clothes with you first for a late night of fun sing-a-longs mixed in with the steady crash of the sea. Start a small bon-fire and toast some marshmallows as a peaceful and relaxing way to end the night. Be sure to check with the city beforehand to get the approval for partying on the beach so late. 

The bittersweet celebration of this grandeur event can embed a special spot in your memory for years to come. Remember the night and the friends you spend it with once you choose to get the party started after the party.  

This article was written by Tiffany Richards.

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