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Express Your Style with Handcrafted Jewelry

LLWW 0317DSJewellery is a wonderful addition to any outfit but it can be expensive at times. This is why handcrafted jewellery has become so popular; it’s a beautiful way of expressing your personal style and personality with affordable, handcrafted pieces from talented designers. Handcrafted jewellery is a great alternative to diamond jewellery and these pieces are perfect to wear to any occasion.

Your Own Personality

Choosing handmade jewelry is rather easy to do. You can find something that fits your personal style; something that will accurately reflect your personality. You can choose from a variety of materials like leather, pewter and silver, to create a look that you love. Wear your handcrafted pieces to any occasion and match them with any outfit you want to wear. They are stylish and very versatile, making the perfect for anyone to wear.

Once you found the material you like, go for a design that will fit in with your personality. Many people might simply enjoy something plain and natural, while others choose to have a unique design that will truly stand out from the crowd. From there you can simply choose the finer details such as the color and the size of the jewelry item that you need.

Looking After Handcrafted Jewelry

Finding the perfect handcrafted piece is only one part of enjoying them. You need to look after them properly to ensure that they last for years to come. Leather pieces can easily be cleaned and looked after as they are pretty durable and strong. But don’t soak them in water; use a damp cloth to clean them and then safely store them away. You can also use warm soapy water, but do not soak the leather in the water for too long.

To keep your pieces looking as good as new, always store your handcrafted jewelry pieces in their original containers that you bought them in, so that you can keep them safe when you are not wearing them during the day. You can also buy containers for them online, so that you can have a safe place to store them in and protect them from wear and tear.

You can buy handcrafted jewelry conveniently online. This allows you to browse through a variety of collections in your own time, and complete the purchase when you are ready. You will also save money as you won’t have to buy expensive jewelry pieces in jewelry stores, but rather buy a unique piece that you can wear to any occasion. You can benefit from having delivery services to your door.

A great idea is to buy a piece of handcrafted jewelry for a friend or colleague as a gift. They are perfect for any occasion, whether you are celebrating a birthday, anniversary or a promotion. You can also use a gift certificate if you are not sure what specific style someone will love; they can use the certificate whenever they want and buy the perfect piece of handcrafted jewelry for themselves when they are ready.

Lianne Landman is a popular South African jewelry designer and she has an outstanding reputation for making high quality handcrafted jewelry for customers all over the world. 

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7 Canadian Money-Saving Websites

Money-saving blogs and websites can help us scope out some insider knowledge which many holiday guides simply don’t know about. Every little tip can come in handy, and with more online resources available to us than ever before, saving money can be a mere click away. Here we are focusing on useful websites in British Columbia. Many tips apply to residents within Canada as well as North America as a whole, so any trip – from the cosmopolitan Las Vegas to the rugged foothills of the Rockies – can be made cheaper and easier this year. Here is our top 10.



This comprehensive money-saving websites seeks out the best deals and coupons within Canada. Not only can its deals slash prices on everyday items, entertainment offers and travel excursions, there are also plenty of freebies and free offers for the taking from top brands.

Canadian Living


Canadian Living is an online resource for everyday living, from food and entertainment ideas to interior design and events. There are plenty of money-saving ideas nestled amongst its many helpful articles including ‘How to Save Money 50 Easy Ways’ and ’40 Simple Ways to Put Money in Your Back Pocket’.







Like RedFlagDeals, Smartcanucks features the latest discounts from across Canada as well as reviews and contests. Adult and children’s deals are featured so you are bound to find something for your family. Its ‘Rants’ forums also offers a place for like-minded deal hunters to come together to flag up good offers, tips and products.

Money Saving Canadian Mom


This website was set up by Deanna, an Ontario wife and mother of two. The site is centred on family-friendly coupons and tips which every mother can relate to. Its ‘Budget cooking’ section offers cheap and fun ideas for meal preparation whilst its ads provide a gateway to more frugal websites and online shopping deals including Sears, Ebates and WagJag.

Reader’s Digest CA


Browse this site for well executed articles that range from the funny and bizarre to the helpful and frugal. Alongside its money-saving articles like ‘8 Ways to Save Money’ and ’12 Ways to Save Money on Food’, Reader’s Digest CA has DIY tips, jokes, insightful knowhow for things to do and blogs which highlight Canadian life.





This ‘for travellers by travellers’ website has useful tips and features on some of the world’s top destinations which includes a large North America section. The ‘Travel Diaries’ are also written by actual visitors; therefore the supplied information is accurate and in-depth for a great holiday resource. You can follow its feeds on Twitter for the latest blogs and info which are regularly updated.

Simply Frugal


Haven’t found the right vouchers yet? Browse Simply Frugal for yet more money-saving Canadian vouchers, tips, articles and free goodies. Its articles contain useful links to affiliate like-minded websites including Better Homes and Gardens and Life as Mom. You can also link up to the Simply Frugal social media sites including Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter for a wealth of ideas from beauty and fashion tit-bits to meals and DIY arts and crafts.


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Why You Should Buy Clothing Online from a Blog Shop

The internet has changed almost every aspect of our lives like education, communication, healthcare, etc. The most significant trend that has been popularized by the internet is online shopping. People have started preferring to buy stuff from the convenience of their homes rather than trudge around to brick and mortar shops. Although earlier people were a little skeptical nowadays more and more people are even buying clothing online. Whenever you search for clothes online you are likely to come across a good blog shop which stocks the exact clothes that you want for yourself.

Earlier people preferred to buy clothes from physical stores because they wanted to be sure of the fit and also wanted to see what the clothes look like on them. However, nowadays this is possible even with online shopping. Good websites have very descriptive and easy to understand measurement charts which will help you to choose a garment that will be a perfect fit. At the same time, it is possible on some websites to see what the clothes will look like on a person on your height and weight and facial features. This has made buying clothing online even more popular.

With hectic schedules people have little time or patience to negotiate the traffic to and from the physical stores. Again there is the crowd in most stores which makes some people uncomfortable. Most likely you will have to stand in queue to make the payment. All these inconveniences can be avoided if you buy your clothes online. At the same time, if you look thoroughly, you will be able to find some limited edition and exclusive designs in the online stores which are not available in the physical ones. This will give you the pleasure of sporting a unique design which probably no one in your circles has. For such exclusive designs you can look for a good blog shop that sells fashion clothing.

Another great feature of online shopping is that it is less expensive than buying clothes from physical stores. This is because brick and mortar stores have a lot of overhead costs in the form of electricity bills, taxes, salaries of staff, decoration of the store etc. An online store does not have such overhead costs and saves a lot of money. Most online stores pass along these savings to the customers in the form of sizeable discounts. It is quite usual to find the clothing of the same brand at a much lower price in an online store like Acnamall, than you will find in a local store in the market or mall.

Apart from this the variety that you can get in online stores in much more than physical stores because on the internet there is no limitation of space like in physical stores. At the same time you can compare the clothes available on different websites which gives you a much wider variety to choose from than if you spent an entire day going from one physical store to another. All these reasons clearly indicate that online shopping for clothes is the smart choice.

Cherie is just one of Acmamall’s 80,000 satisfied customers. Cherie purchases all of her beauty products from Acmamall, where she saves big with Acmamall’s low prices and monthly deals. To save even more, Cherie subscribes to the Acmamall e-newsletter and now, you can too. You’ll get all the latest offers and discounts.

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Guidelines When Shopping Online in Singapore Bookstores


The advent of internet technology has simplified a lot of things. One of the sectors in Singapore that have benefited a lot with the great advancement in technology is the education sector. Many students and learners in the country have now access to variety of books because of the availability of many online book stores in Singapore. It is now possible to shop online and get a variety of books that provide the required information in the learning process. Online book stores in Singapore have expanded especially because of increased number of education institutions. When you shop online for books in Singapore, follow these tips that can help you buy and get the cheapest books in the market.

1. Look for online bookstore with free shipping.

When you shop online, always look for online book stores that provide free shipping for the books purchased. With the increased competition among book stores in Singapore many of them offer free shipping to customers as one way of trying to gain a competitive edge over other bookstores. Despite that the shipping cost of book is bit cheaper in Singapore, it is important to save that cost. In case you are buying many books, it means you will also save a lot of money that can be used to buy extra books.

2. Carry out thorough search and comparison among online bookstores.

It would not be advisable to shop in two online book stores and then make the decision to buy the books. As a good shopper you need to shop in several stores especially now that there are many online bookstores in Singapore. This will help you get the best offer in terms of discounts and varieties. By shopping in several online stores you stand high chances of buying the books at a low price because various stores offer the books at ranging prices. This will also help you save a bit of cash that you can buy other learning materials.

3. Locally purchase books online.

There are so many online book stores in Singapore, thus there is a chance that there is a local online shop around your area. Before buying, always take time to know where the online store is located. It is better to shop online in a store that is near you because this will reduce price in terms of the shipping fees. In addition, you will also get the books faster than when you buy them in an online store that is located far away from you.

4. Do the online shopping of the books earlier.

The books market in Singapore is seasonal whereby there are times when the demand of is very high at other times when the demand is low. It is more convenient to buy the books from the online stores when the demand is low because at those times, the books are also provided at a low price. Thus, doing the online shopping earlier will help act as a cost saving strategy.

By following the above tips you are likely to enjoy the best offers when you shop online for the books in the Singapore market that is crowded by many online bookstores.

Cherie is just one of Acmamall’s 80,000 satisfied customers. Cherie purchases all of her beauty products from Acmamall, where she saves big with Acmamall’s low prices and monthly deals. To save even more, Cherie subscribes to the Acmamall e-newsletter and now, you can too. You’ll get all the latest offers and discounts.

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The Ultimate Biker Gear: What is Needed

Genuine_Buffalo_Leather_Jacket1_compactBiker gear is something that is needed whenever you go riding. The gear you choose not only helps protect you, but also makes a statement about who you are. It is very easy to find biker gear, even at cheap prices, but there are some attributes that should be looked for before deciding on type of biker gear to purchase. The key elements of deciding what type of biker to purchase are weather resistance, protection, and comfort.

Weather resistance is the most important point of any riding jacket or helmet. These two items need to be both tough and comfortable. The jacket itself should have some type of liner that prevents water from getting and a good way to keep body heat insulated. This is very important when riding in rain or other adverse conditions, as the rider is at the mercy of nature. If you do not have the right protection, you will feel the chilling wind and the rain. The helmet should be one that fits your style, but is safe enough for the bike you are riding. The helmet needs to be able to withstand the same conditions your jacket does, except it has to work harder. It not only has to be able to withstand the major types of weather, it must also provide a clear view and protection for your head as you drive.

Take into account gear other than the helmet or the jacket. If you also ride with biking boots or gloves, make sure they match the style you are trying to accomplish while at the same time accomplishing some practical purpose. Each piece of biking gear has a purpose as to why it should be worn. Aside from the way it looks or its necessity by law, gear is used for added protection as well. Jackets that are thicker and made of stronger material can help if the rider crashes. The thicker jacket means there will be fewer cuts and scrapes if someone has a wreck with their motorcycle. Gloves, boots, and helmets work the same way. They allow for less contact with the ground. That means these items must be durable as well because realistically this type of gear will be used and put to the test many different times. The reputation of where a person buys their biker gear from should be impeccable with proven history behind their products.

That product history should not only go for durability, but also comfort as well. A key part of making any ride worth it is the way the biker feels as they are riding. If their gear is uncomfortable, the ride to was not enjoyed that much. That means he or she will likely change or modify gear after that ride to make sure their gear is suitable to their liking. Before using gear, it should be made clear by the company you buy it from that their material and satisfaction of the highest quality. Research feedback they have received as well as other customer reviews before choosing what gear you are going to buy.

Sasithon Bella is the cool in The Kewl Shop, a place to find things you really want. She knows a good thing when she sees it and is proud to let you know too!

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Buying Dress Online is No Difference with Shopping at Mall

A boutique dress may be like a secret weapon with regards to creating a common public fashion statement. These outfit options can help you simultaneously appear daring and feminine, but would never ever need you to sacrifice a feeling of poise. Shopping dress online has turn out to be constantly enticing over the last few years, especially when it comes to garments choices.

Now, it could be simpler than ever to merely record online, sort via the options and payment information. The great news is, even when you do not have a lot of shopping experience ahead of, it is simpler as compared to what you think when it comes to buying that spectacular dress for that wonderful occasion.

A party outfit is, consequently, a must-have in nearly every lady’s wardrobe because of its elegance and also the aura of celebration that comes with that.

When you’re about to acquire a party dress online, you will find some factors that you’ll need to observe prior to figuring out and paying for that piece of clothe. When browsing on the internet, always keep in mind the purpose of the dress that you are looking for. Since a web based store allows you to attempt the dress upon supply, wear the same inner items and sneakers at the fitting to have an advanced feel. This will ensure that you are comfortable with the dress and will also allow you to check for any damage before you start. The design consequently has to fit on how elegant or informal an occasion is.

You also need to consider the fabric of the dress you would like to purchase. During very hot weather, there might be some fabrics that can be too clingy or uncomfortable to the body. Some supplies may be clingy towards the physique or non-absorbent creating it uncomfortable to put on throughout extremely hot occasions. The print works for informal parties and also outdoor activities while the plain awesome colors work for place of work functions e.g. black and basic white. Use the costume you have purchased to boost your best feature as outlined by your figure. Brief frilly dresses work for slim figures and complete figures with prolonged legs. The neckline is also good for any office functions and can double up as an outfit with regard to work if the neck line is not too exposing with an added merchandise e.g. a jacket. Unique designs are an added characteristic because there is a wide selection to choose from.

The print works for informal parties and also outdoor activities while the plain awesome colors work for place of work functions e.g. black and basic white. Use the costume you have purchased to boost your best feature as outlined by your figure. Brief frilly dresses work for slim figures and complete figures with prolonged legs. The neckline is also good for any office functions and can double up as an outfit with regard to work if the neck line is not too exposing with an added merchandise e.g. a jacket. Unique designs are an added characteristic because there is a wide selection to choose from.

Meet Cherie, one of Acmamall’s shopping addicts! “I love Acmamall’s selection — everything from books to beauty products and cosmetics. And they not only ship free worldwide; they also give me reward points with every purchase!”

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Save with Daily Deal Websites by Getting Hot Deals!

In the current economy, a huge majority of people is searching for discounts on almost anything they want to buy. Everyone knows that purchasing in bulk may save you lots of money over some time. But the problem in this case is that we don’t actually need bulk amounts of some particular item as well as the cash investment required could be quite steep! The solution? There’s the latest trend, as well as an abundance of sites online that are actually dedicated to discounts, coupons, and the “daily deals”, which have probably become almost an addiction for people who actually like savings.

The daily deal sites partner together with the local merchants of a city and provide hot deals and discounts on their websites. The daily deals get sent every day via email or text message to the registered users. This strategy of these types of websites is to actually make you get along with complete strangers in order to get steep discounts on those products or services that you want to buy. Few of these websites offer items at a specific discounted price and ask you to commit for purchasing it. In case sufficient number of people sign up, the deal is confirmed, and you have gotten yourself an incredible deal. Some other websites are actually more concerned with the attention and focus on single or many daily deals. Quite a lot of these sites even provide referral bonuses, so get your family and friends along and save even more!

You probably only know about Groupon and LivingSocial, although, there exist literally thousands of such daily deal websites for offering a related service in a large range of demographic or specific niche markets, like Woot, FoodSherpa, Wowcher and Wahanda, where the discount offers range from households products and dining out to tech products and gadgets.

The daily deals websites can help you save plenty of money, and it’s like Christmas almost everyday online!

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Fashion and Shopping

If you are planning on shopping for a new wardrobe of clothes then you may think that you need to get the most fashionable items. However, you may need to consider that clothes go out of fashion remarkably quickly so you won’t want to spend lots of money on items that you won’t be wearing next season.

There are two sensible choices of things to do. Firstly you could buy superior quality expensive items that aren’t overly fashionable. You could buy classic items that will look fashionable by adding accessories or wearing a fashionable top of a pair of trousers with. For example, a pair of jeans will always be fashionable, and you can wear them with some trendy summer shoes and a vest one season and boots and a jumper the other.

The other option is to go to cheap clothes shops to buy fashionable items, as when the fashion is over you can buy another set of clothes without having to part with too much money. The clothes won’t be as high quality, but as long as you select your items with care you can still have an extensive wardrobe.

Expensive items like coats are probably better to be bought as a classic item that can be worn for a few years; however, you know yourself whether you would be happy wearing the same coat two years in a row. If you know you won’t be then don’t invest too highly.

Keep in mind that you may not find fashionable clothes intensely practical in your workplace, and shopping for some sensible dark trousers and a selection of tops to match with a jacket will make finding something to wear for work much easier. You can wear brightly coloured jewellery to brighten it up, and heels to make the outfit sexier.

Also, I got a great deal on Toronto product deal ( featured by

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