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Tips on Taking Care of Vibrams

Vibram Five Fingers are thin-soled and lightweight shoes and toes resembling a glove for a foot. They are designed in a manner that they replicate the feeling of walking while barefoot. Vibram Five Fingers shoes are popular with those participating in athletic activities such as running, hiking, workouts, lifting weights, water sports, and even yoga. They are however capable of getting dirty or smelling, despite being made using antimicrobial materials. Caring for such shoes properly will assist the wearer keep them fresh smelling and clean, as well as lengthening their life.

Tips for Daily Care

  1. Sprinkle small amounts of foot or baby powder into the Vibram Five Fingers prior to wearing them. The powder reduces foot order while at the same time absorbing moisture.  In addition, they will slide into the feet more easily.
  2. Once the wearer is done with them, it is advisable to shake out the excess powder from the shoes.
  3. Brush the leather or fabric part of the shoes using a dry and clean towel.
  4. Dry the shoes completely between wearing, with this activity taking from 24 to 48 hours.
  5. For weekly washing, use a washing machine.
  6. Vibram Five Fingers owners are advised to wash them with a washing machine either weekly or monthly, depending on how often the wear them . Wash using warm water, regular laundry detergent, and setting the machine to the gentle cycle. To lessen the washing machine impact on the shoes, add thick soft items such as towels.
  7. Place them on a drying rack or hang them on a line to ensure that they air dry.
  8. To ensure that the Vibram Five Fingers are dry completely prior to wearing them, insert fingers into the toes.

Weekly washing when in the shower

  1. The wearer can shower while wearing the Vibram Five Fingers. Rub them with soap or shower gel to clean them thoroughly both outside or inside. The owner should ensure that he brushes the inside of the shoes with a toothbrush, ensuring that he gets at each and every toe. This is merit of hand washing the shoes as opposed using a washing machine in that each toe gets thoroughly cleaned. When using a toothbrush, one can each places that a macho cannot reach, ensuring total cleanliness. This eliminates potentially nasty foot odor until the wearer wears them next.
  2. Hang the shoes on cloth line or set them on a drying rack.
  3. Confirm that they are dry by inserting fingers into them to find out if they are wet.

Tips and warnings

  1. For those who wear Vibram Five fingers often, they are advised to purchase a second pair that they can be wearing as they wait for the other pair to dry. This will ensure completely dry, as it is not recommended for one to wear wet shoes.
  2. It is not advisable to dry Vibram Five fingers on direct sunlight, near heat, or in a drier.  This is because the material they are made from can easily be damaged by heat.

These tips will help you make your Vibram Five Fingers last longer and maintain the pair’s durability.

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Curly Snacks Product Review and Giveaway

Something Big is happening in Canada!  A hot new product is just appearing in Canada and it’s a delicious line of snack products by Lorenz popular in Germanyand Europe and distributed in Canada by JJ SageThese tasty unique snack products go by the name of Curly, CurlyMexican,  Nic Nac’s, and Wasabi.

CURLY line of snacks use selected peanuts of best quality and ground fresh to make a natural peanut taste!  Curly contain finely selected seasonings and baked in the Lorenz brand of sunflower oil. CURLY CLASSIC are cunchy roasted corn snacks.  They melt in your mouth and have a distinct peanut flavour.  For those of you who enjoy something more on the spicy side try CURLY MEXICAN with chili seasoning.

NIC NAC’S are the perfect combination of double crunchy nibble-fun and traditional peanut taste.NIC NAC’S have a delicious paprika flavour and an exciting double crunch!  (125 g )  Feel like a very spicy hot snack with an extra kick?  Discover WASABI crispy crunchy spicy green savoury coated peanuts for nut lovers who like it hot!  WASABI is the Asian horse-radish. The flavor known through Asian cuisine is now available in a tasty snack!

My Thoughts

When the package came into my home from JJSage, I was very excited to try out these unique new products.  When you bite into a Curly Classic there is a peanut buttery taste.  I think this snack would be  great for kids who are not allergic to peanut butter.  Of the two Curly products, I prefer theCurly Mexican style because it had a little more of a zing and had a chili flavour.  It was not overly hot so I could take many pieces without feeling thirsty.

I also like Nic Nack’s because they are crunchy and have a  spicy flavour.  When I tasted my first nibble of Wasabi I did not like it because it has a unusal  taste.  After a few more pieces I changed my opinion and I really love the unique tantalizing  taste of Asian horseradish!  I would highly recommend that you do not let small children try the Wasabi because of the small round size.

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Just Paper Roses – Valentine Guide Review and Giveaway

New Year’s day has come and gone and the next big day is Valentines.  Valentine’s Day is a fun holiday for children but finding a gift for the husband can be a challenge!  Simplicity, affability, and something sweet appeals to me.
When I had the opportunity to do a review for Just Paper Roses I found the answer for a unique and fun gift that could be the answer for you too!  Just Paper is a business that has gifts for all occasions like Valentines, Mother’s Day, birthdays, and anniversaries.

When I received Just Paper Roses’ package, the soft toilet paper has the message “I Love You From Top to Bottom” printed all over it.  I have never seen anything sooo unique!  Just imagine the love felt when that someone special sees your gift placed on the toilet paper holder!  The toilet paper is wrapped sweetly in green tissue paper with a small tag that reads, “Happy Valentines Day.”  Jeff Block, who is the creator and owner of Just Paper, has informed me that the quantity of the Valentines tp is limited so you should order yours today!  The company produces tp for other occasions too.  How sweet is that!

Just Paper Roses has other Valentine gift suggestions like the Valentine Just Paper Roses, Bloodwood Rose, or the elegant “Kiss” wood figurine.  I especially adore the Valentine Teddy Bear and for that special guy or son in your life might like the Home Run Baseball.

In case you are looking for a unique anniversary gift Just Paper Roses carries a collection of Just Desk Roses.  The roses are made from the traditional material for each anniversary year from years 1-13.  Each rose is handmade and mounted on a wood base with a plaque that reads, “Happy Anniversary.” Click here to find the beautiful selection of  Just Paper Roses.

Just Paper Roses is a company that features creative and unique gifts that can meet your shopping needs.  A gift that will be remembered.

To find out more about Just Paper Roses, find it here (website) or on Facebook here.


I have good news for you!  If you sign up for their reminder service, you can get $5 off any order over $20 so that is a savings for Simply Shop and Save readers!  You will find this discount here.

Shop here  to find the cool toilet paper, Valentine products, or the Just Desk Roses.


Jeff  has generously offered Simply Shop And Save  readers the chance to win a $50 gift certificate for purchases at Just Paper Roses.   Exciting and just in time for Valentines!

Mandatory Entry: You will need to do this before you can make extra entries.  Just simply look around Just Paper Roses and let me know which two products you really love. (2 entries)

Extra Entries: Please leave a separate comment for each entry:
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This contest is open to Canadian residents and ends January 18, 2010 at 9 p.m.  The winner will be chosen by  If  the winner does not reply back to my email within 48 hours, then another name will be drawn.

Thanks to Just Paper Roses for sponsoring this giveaway and to all who enter this product/review giveaway.  I was given this opportunity to do this review through The Product Review Place.

Disclosure:  I was given a product to review to form my own opinions.  I was not compensated for this review.

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A + D Diaper Rash Products – Review & Giveaway

Do you know what’s in the products you purchase at retail stores? During shopping, I try to read the ingredients because some of my daycare children and my husband have some food allergies.  Mom Central, a Canadian testing panel, kindly sent me a few samples of diaper rash products.  In my opinion, looking at A + D diaper rash products  they score high in regards to ingredients!  Ingredients listed are zinc, aloe vera, vitamins A and D, lanolin which are more natural items and is also void of paraben (a very controversial ingredient.)  Quite impressive!

They come in two types.  The first is a rash cream consisting of a white thick cream and spreads nicely, therefore,  you would not need much to apply.  The fragrance reminds Mr. Shopper of baby powder.  What a pleasant smell!  This cream relieves minor skin irritations and leaves a baby’s skin soft.

The second product is  A + D  Diaper rash ointment which prevents diaper rash by creating a protective barrier.  It’s a clear gel and spreads well so again only a small amount is needed.

It”s been some years since our sons wore diapers but I wish these two products were on the market when they had diaper rash issues.  I heartily recommend A + D Diaper Rash products as a must for parents!

For more info check out their website at and you will be able to get a free $2 off coupon.

One lucky Simply Shop and Save reader will win a 113 g tube of A + D Diaper Rash Ointment with two $2 off coupons and I am throwing in 2 cute pairs of 100% cotton scratch mittens for newborns along with a white 100% cotton hat. A winner is picked by a random number generated by

This contest is for Canadian residents only and closes Thursday, September 9, 2010 at 12 p.m. EST.  You can enter this A + D giveaway but you can only win once.  The winner will have 72 hours (3 days) to contact me otherwise after that time another name will be contacted.

To enter:

Visit the A + D website as mentioned above and return here to leave a comment at the end of this post  letting us know what impresses you the most about these diaper rash products.  You need to make a comment before extra entries can be made with your email address please so that if you win, contact can be made.

Extra Entries:
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2.  Subscribe to the RSS Feed located on the right side.

3.  If you are a blogger, post this giveaway on your blog and leave the link in the comment section.

Disclaimer:  I received two samples of A + D Diaper Rash products for review and no payment was received.  The opinion that I made was my own and not influenced by A + D .

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