Curly Snacks Product Review and Giveaway

Something Big is happening in Canada!  A hot new product is just appearing in Canada and it’s a delicious line of snack products by Lorenz popular in Germanyand Europe and distributed in Canada by JJ SageThese tasty unique snack products go by the name of Curly, CurlyMexican,  Nic Nac’s, and Wasabi.

CURLY line of snacks use selected peanuts of best quality and ground fresh to make a natural peanut taste!  Curly contain finely selected seasonings and baked in the Lorenz brand of sunflower oil. CURLY CLASSIC are cunchy roasted corn snacks.  They melt in your mouth and have a distinct peanut flavour.  For those of you who enjoy something more on the spicy side try CURLY MEXICAN with chili seasoning.

NIC NAC’S are the perfect combination of double crunchy nibble-fun and traditional peanut taste.NIC NAC’S have a delicious paprika flavour and an exciting double crunch!  (125 g )  Feel like a very spicy hot snack with an extra kick?  Discover WASABI crispy crunchy spicy green savoury coated peanuts for nut lovers who like it hot!  WASABI is the Asian horse-radish. The flavor known through Asian cuisine is now available in a tasty snack!

My Thoughts

When the package came into my home from JJSage, I was very excited to try out these unique new products.  When you bite into a Curly Classic there is a peanut buttery taste.  I think this snack would be  great for kids who are not allergic to peanut butter.  Of the two Curly products, I prefer theCurly Mexican style because it had a little more of a zing and had a chili flavour.  It was not overly hot so I could take many pieces without feeling thirsty.

I also like Nic Nack’s because they are crunchy and have a  spicy flavour.  When I tasted my first nibble of Wasabi I did not like it because it has a unusal  taste.  After a few more pieces I changed my opinion and I really love the unique tantalizing  taste of Asian horseradish!  I would highly recommend that you do not let small children try the Wasabi because of the small round size.


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