How to Dress for a ‘Smart Casual’ Event

Smart casual is probably one of the most popular dress codes. It’s a staple dress code that women should always be prepared for. It’s not too dressy and it’s not too casual, the perfect in between look. It’s a balancing act. That’s why it can be challenging at times to perfect this look. You don’t want to over or under dressed. The following article lists some simple tips to follow when putting your outfit together. It’s easier than you think.


This is a no brainer. Denim is the staple to a casual look, whether it is jeans or a jacket. There are a variety of colours available, for a smart look you should try to wear darker shades and avoid distressed denim. Go for a classic pair of jeans that you know suit your frame. You have options available so be sure to select the best one for you; skinny, straight leg, boot-cut, trouser and wide leg jeans. If you aren’t comfortable in jeans go for a denim skirt or jacket. A denim jacket with smart women’s dresses can be a unique combination. You could be daring and show off your legs with a pair of shorts. The options are almost infinite.


Go for something a bit dressier, button up shirts and blouses are definitely the way to pull of smart for this dress code. Don’t just choose a t-shirt. Don’t be afraid to wear a super formal top with your jeans, go for sparkles and glamour. You need something to balance out the casualness of your jeans.


Footwear is the finishing touch on any outfit. You want to choose something dressy to jazz up your denim selection. Go for dress shoes. They don’t need to be heels, you can choose comfort with a pair of cute ballet flats.


Accessories can make or break an outfit. A dressier handbag can really add an element of class to your outfit; go for clutch to keep up to date with trends. You don’t have to wear jewellery, minimalist is a great way to pull off a professional vibe. A statement piece of jewellery however can further dress up your outfit and really show off your personality. Don’t forget to add your own personal touches to the complete product. You want the outfit to compliment your body shape and personality; you don’t want to look like another generic copy. This look is a staple and suitable for anytime of the year so make sure to have this outfit on standby in your wardrobe. You’ll be killing it at parties and events in this fantastic style.

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