Straightforward Tips for Buying Batting Cages

Batting cages are essential commodities for baseball enthusiasts who want to improve their striking skills. The said contraptions are particularly designed netted cages that surround training areas so that baseballs will not reach the streets or other inappropriate locations.

Simply put, the said equipment are very essential for those who need to perform training sessions on a regular basis since they can instantly eliminate waiting for hours recreational facilities or sports complexes.

Before making a purchase, it would be best to consider a couple of things: the space where the batting cages will be set up, the time of use, and the perfect pitching distance, among others.

Pitching Distance

Those who are not familiar with the appropriate distances may refer to the information below.

  • Professional/College – 60 feet
  • Pony – 54 feet
  • Bronco – 48 feet
  • Little League – 46 feet
  • Mustang – 44 feet
  • Pinto – 38 feet


The dimensions of units that will be purchased depend on certain requirements that will be determined by users. For instance, it would be ideal to purchase bigger batting cages if the training areas are very large and pitching machines that will be used to complement the cages are bigger than usual.


When it comes to materials, a vast majority of batting cages that are out on the market are made from different fabrics and components because they serve different purposes.

For example, those who will set up their cages outdoors are encouraged to purchase those that are made of polyethylene since they are more durable and are more capable of withstanding harsh weather conditions.

Backstops and Other Safety Features

Those who will use pitching machines are encouraged to use backstops so as to prevent them from damaging the nettings. The backstops can be used for pitching machines that have pitching speeds of 60 mph or less.

On the other hand, twisted nylon and polyethylene nettings should be used for machines that have pitching speeds of 80 mph or more.


Batting cages are essential equipment for baseball enthusiasts who want to seriously hone their hitting skills. To make the most of the said investment, it would be best to consider a couple of tips prior to purchase.

It is a good thing that essential ones are explained in this article and interested individuals do not have to look further. When it comes to installation, users should not worry about a thing because they can be set up even without extensive carpentry skills.



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